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  • Q1

    Do I have to pay to use the app?

    Definitely not! The app will be completely free for talents to seek jobs through our platform. By no chance will Ergon charge talents any kind of hidden fees, so you don’t have to worry!

  • Q2

    Who should sign up: What kind of opportunities we offer?

    Ergon provides full-time opportunities, targeting mid to senior level with a focus on logistics and supply chain industries. Although we are based in Hong Kong, we have openings across the Asia Pacific Region and beyond.

  • Q3

    What sort of hirers use Ergon?

    We partner with top logistics companies worldwide and have more than 50 clients. Moreover, we have been working with leading players in the market for years. Contact us to learn more!

  • Q4

    What is the purpose of a workstyle assessment?

    There is no specific assessment that is tailored for employers to evaluate an individual's character in the workplace. Thus, in order to give hirers and talents themselves a better understanding and in-depth analysis of individuals' nature + nurture personalities especially at work, we created our unique workstyle assessment test. We are eager not only to find out talent's inner characteristics but also the "mask" they are wearing in the workplace, which indeed, are equally crucial to affect their decision making. (Click here for more information) → [ MBTI Page]

  • Q5

    What is the Ergon Community?

    We hope to create a close-knit community of users that enables networking and sharing of industry information. Ergon curates a feed of most relevant industry headlines and publishes in-house editorial content regarding your companies of interest, allowing you to gain insight instantly. (Click here to find out more) → [Ergon Community Page]

  • Q6

    Will I be inundated with random emails if I join?

    Never. We will not bombard you with irrelevant newsletters and notifications. We promise that all interactions will be meaningful and useful for you. When you’re matched with a suitable role, a pop-up notification will be sent to you on the app so you won’t miss any valuable openings.

  • Q7

    What should I do if I did not receive any QR code for logging in?

    Don’t worry. Just enter your basic information and our talent partner will get in touch with you to help you onboard.

  • Q8

    Is there someone at Ergon I can speak with?

    Of course, we love hearing from you. You won't have to dial several numbers to reach us. With your individual talent partner, contacting us has never been easier. WhatsApp or call your talent partner today, their assistance is at your fingertips. (Or find us here) → [Contact Us Page]

Job Board

  • Q1

    What does being “matched” really mean?

    We tailored the job board according to your personal preference and our data analysis, the more relevant it is, the higher the opening will appear on your job board, which make sure you won’t miss that out. The preference includes types of company, roles, base locations, skill sets, etc.

  • Q2

    What can I do to maximize my chances of being matched with roles?

    Make sure you have completed your profile and created your CV using our CV builder. In order to let us know more about you, feel free to call your talent partner so he/she could contact you personally if suitable openings are available.

  • Q3

    Why can’t I see company names on job openings?

    Most of the openings are confidential searches, for example, replacement search. As we honour both yours and the hirers’ confidentiality, information about the hirers will be shared when we enter the first conversation.

  • Q4

    How do I ensure I will not be applying for a job from my current company?

    The openings on our job board will never disclose the company’s name explicitly. However, to ensure there is no conflict of interest, openings associated with your current company will be automatically filtered out. Employers from your current company will also not be able to identify you or view your information at any time.


  • Q1

    How do I apply?

    If you’re on the job board, simply swipe right on the opening that interests you, then tap “Apply”. You can also tap into the job opening, and press “Apply” at the bottom of the page. Go through our quick and easy process and voila: your application is on its way.

  • Q2

    How can I be sure that the job suits me?

    Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Swipe right on a job opening, and tap “Tell Me More” to schedule a chat with one of our talent partners. We’ll run you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

  • Q3

    What documents or information are needed?

    First, you will need a completed CV using the CV Builder function on our app. Second, we will need details of your salary as well as answering three specialised questions asked by the hiring company. And that’s it! It’s that simple.

  • Q4

    How long will it take to process my application?

    Each job application should take about one month to process. Hang in there! We work closely with the hirers to put together the best shortlist of talents for each role. You would usually hear from us within a week or two. Simply call us if you want to be updated.

  • Q5

    What should I do If I do not receive feedback after submission for quite a while?

    If it’s been a while since your application was submitted, you may contact your talent partner to ask for updates.

  • Q6

    What is the difference between “Apply” and “Tell Me More”?

    “Tell Me More” connects you to one of our talent partners so that you can find out more about job openings through a quick chat. If you’re sure you’re interested in the opening, you can “Apply”. Your application will then be forwarded to the hirer for review.

  • Q7

    Are short or long responses to the questions better?

    Writing long answers isn’t the key. It is always best to answer concisely and truthfully. After all, hirers want answers that best represent you. Good luck!

Referral Bonus

  • Q1

    Am I eligible to refer talents?

    As long as you know someone who you think is suitable for a role, and he/she does not already use our app, you are eligible to refer talents to us. We would love to hear from you!

  • Q2

    How much and how will I receive the bonus?

    The referral bonus amount will vary by the job, and will be specified in the job details. You will receive the bonus through bank transfer in your local currency.


  • Q1

    Will my profile be visible to everyone?

    No. Unlike LinkedIn, your profile will be exclusive to us and your identity will be completely anonymous on the platform. To ensure the confidentiality of your privacy and information, we have partnered with a world-class CRM to store and secure all data. Other members will not be able to browse your profile, including personal information and previous experiences

  • Q2

    Can I control what a hirer sees about me?

    Certainly. Employers will not be able to see any of your personal details until you apply for a role. When you use the “Tell Me More” function on any job posting, your information will be exclusively disclosed to our talent partners at Ergon. Your CV will be sent to the employer only after you apply for a job and a subsequent reviewal has been conducted by our talent partners.

  • Q3

    Can I amend my personal information?

    Definitely. You can make changes to your personal details through the app at any time.

Job posting

  • Q1

    What talents are in your network?

    We focus on mid to senior levels across key business functions in APAC, India and Australasia regions. We have placed over 100 talents, and more than half of them are at board and sub-board level.

  • Q2

    How can I post a job on Ergon platform?

    Call us and we will take care the rest!

  • Q3

    How long will the post last?

    No limit. Until we identify the right talent for you.

  • Q4

    How will I be informed when candidates apply?

    We will not bombard you with mass notifications everyday. We will summarise and give you updates on a weekly basis for your convenience.

  • Q5

    How Ergon is different from other job portal?

    We are not a job portal, we are the first digital headhunting firm in Asia, which rides on the advancement of technology as well as industry knowledge of our client partners. You could only find the combination of the both with us. The synergy drives the mutual success and forwarding of our clients as well as the recruitment industry.


  • Q1

    Where are the talents from?

    To ensure that we cover the whole talent landscape of your search, talents are found through active headhunting from our talent partners. Alongside with the referrals and applications from our app.

  • Q2

    How do you ensure information integrity?

    Each candidate will be personally on boarded by our talent partner. We will personally verify the identity, information and track record to ensure all information stated are faithful and accurate.

  • Q3

    Is there a limit on the number of candidates I can review?

    No, your success is our success, we will ensure that we have provided you with qualified talents before we close the search.


  • Q1

    How can I improve my employer branding?

    Our digital marketing team will work closely with your corporate culture and HR department to identify the needs across different countries and functions. You can make use of our Community page to promote you and your company. Give us a call for more details!

  • Q2

    Will Ergon contact candidates on my behalf?

    Yes, we are your headhunting partner and we will do whatever it takes to search the best talent for you

  • Q3

    Does Ergon give advice on hiring, salaries and so on?

    Yes, that is exactly what our data analytics cover, this feature will be launch by the end of the 2020 (Click here for more details) → Direct to the page about data analytic