4 growth industries in Hong Kong that are now hiring

September 13, 2021 | Ergon

Hong Kong’s unemployment rate has edged down over the last half year, reaching 5.5% in June 2021, as the economy gains traction and social distancing rules have been relaxed. Nevertheless, it is an uneven recovery with job openings more abundant in some industries than others. Shifts in technologies, consumer demands and ways of working, also mean that long-term opportunities will be focused on several key sectors and job roles. 

As a professional in Hong Kong, positioning yourself in the following growth industries could help you achieve sustainable career growth over the coming five years:


It is no secret that the Hong Kong Government has been positioning the city as a regional hub for fintech.  A number of virtual banks have launched since 2020 and mainstream banks have been eager to catch up and have accelerated their own digital transformation efforts. In-demand roles in this dynamic industry are centred on the middle to senior level roles in areas such as cyber security, project management, DevOps, IT engineering and data analytics.

Healthcare and biotech

While the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in economic disruption, it has also resulted in increased consumer interest in healthcare issues. And it isn’t just the pandemic that is driving growth – Hong Kong’s ageing population means that demand for health services will continue to increase over the coming decades. Hong Kong is also emerging as a biotech hub, supported by its established academic and R&D base. In-demand professionals in this growth sector include medical lab technicians, research scientists and medical device sales managers.


Companies across most industries are continuing to invest heavily in technology as they digitise their operations, streamline processes and embrace digital transformation. There is such a broad spectrum of areas wherein there is a shortage of qualified technology and IT staff , but some notable areas include: cloud technology, applications development, cyber security, blockchain, big data and UI/UX.

Digital marketing 

The pandemic has resulted in a surge of Hong Kong consumers adopting e-commerce. In fact, the online channel has been one of the lone bright spots in the retail and luxury sector as consumers have adapted to the ‘stay at home’ economy. With so much commerce taking place digitally it should come as no surprise that companies are investing heavily in reaching out to these consumers through digital marketing and are interested in professionals with experience in digital marketing campaigns, SEO and CRM.